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Design is no high end commodity, it is a service like all else. Design is for most services a free market, so each designer defines his/hers fee according to what is being asked, experience needed, location etc. Designodom standardizes design services by dividing them in consulting ones (which include no drafts) and design ones (which include drafts). It matches your project's input with designers so you can pick between them, saving you time, offering quality and promising a stress-free process!
  1. So that you can get quotes from professional designers, saving time and maximizing value. 
  2. So that you get to work with reviewed professionals who fit your style and have the experience needed for your project. 
  3. So that you enjoy a stress-free process by knowing in advance your final cost, timeline and deliverables. 
  4. So that you can easily find professionals for smaller scale, everyday design projects.
  5. So that you spare yourself long meetings in offices in order to finalise financial offers.
  6. So that you save time by opting for online design services and products.
Designodom offers design services and products across the EU and the UK. Services that require no permission from local authorities are offered by designers according to current EU and UK legislation. Services which are subject to regulation are offered only by designers registered in local chambers and professional bodies. Designodom's liability ends with matching potential clients and professionals, based on the data provided.
Designodom matches you with architects and interior designers who fit best your selection criteria (experience, style, quality of service, price, etc.). After choosing one (or more) of them, you will discuss in detail your project wishes and limitations. After discussing various ideas orally, you wil conclude with the designer to work on the one you like best. In that way, it is more likely that the design you will get, you will be thrilled about. If this does not happen, ask your designer for improvements until you're happy with the result!
After you fill in the input form, we match your data with architects or interior designers from our database. Our matching process takes into account parameters like style, price, experience, availability etc. In that way it selects the top matches and emails contact details and a brief portfolio to you to choose from.
Designodom works with selected retailers that operate online and deliver their products in different EU countries and the UK. Our comparison engine offers different retailer choices according to their shipping destination as every eshop delivers in different  markets. Designodom is not responsible for third party transactions. However, we have worked hard to select retailers certified or with good client reviews for their services. If however your experience turns out to be of low quality, please let us know so we can improve. Shipping costs vary according to product, retailer and shipping destination. We have incorporated each retailers shipping price range, but please the exact cost per product is depicted at the retailer's product page before proceeding to checkout. In most retailers, if you buy products over a certain amount, shipping is free.
Construction budget is useful so that the architect, designer or constructor you choose offers you ideas that you can afford. However, most of us do not know the cost of things we like or are willing to pay a bit more for something we love. Designodom suggests that you offer a "price range". When you discuss your options with your preferred professional, this range is going to be narrowed down.
Designodom focuses solely on design services and products. It is created by people who know design well. It is build around the client - designer relationship, in order to make the best match every time. Designodom claims that when it comes to design, people do not care only for the cheapest or most skilled designer but also for the one they like the most and who they can communicate the best with.
It depends on your project. Do not worry, Designodom is going to make the best choice for you based on your project's input.
Definitely! There is such an option in our project input form, so you can fill in anything that will help us can match you with the best designers for your project!
Designodom is paid by professionals and NOT by platfrom users. It's revenue is based in architects, interior designers, contractors and retailers to whom we bring in new clients. Designodom is responsible up to the point of bringing in touch the client and the designer or the retailer and not for the transaction between them. We can offer advice however: 1.Design Services: Payment is made according to what has been agreed between designer and client. Some professionals demand all payment up front, others only a percentage and then full pay off once the deliverables are sent. It is advised to be clear on this and have a signed agreement.  2. Design Products: According to each shop's policy. 
Of course you can! Fill in the project's description and note down "As A Gift". Use your name as "client". We will take it from then on and ask for the details we need.


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