What could one ask from a designer at Designodom? Whatever he/she could ask from an architect or interior designer anyway. For example : We own a vacation property on a small island in Cyclades, Greece and which we need to renovate partly.


What could one ask from a designer at Designodom? Whatever he could ask from an architect or interior designer. For example :


This is an analysis of Designodom ‘s 1st trimester, in quantity and quality terms, with some fun or awkward trivia as bonus.


Great tips, if Designodom turns into a comparison platform it would be awesome!


Query: I rent an old house with a tiny kitchen. I am using all existing cabinets for storage, the remaining walls are tiled and would like advice about potential storage.


What is design consulting? Asking a designer for his/hers expert’s input. For example :


Query: We are looking for online design consulting (architectural or interior design stuff) for a couple of hours in order to decide what our new offices should look like. We are an startup company, based in USA, with low budget and DIY philosophy. Our logo is green and our philosophy fits best an open space office layout. Currently the walls in the office are white and the floor wooden.


Designodom helped us to find a designer quickly and efficiently in order to proceed to the renovation of our company’s premises (Elderly care Unit) . We were provided with tailotr made solutions, simplifing the process and making it fun and creative. truly useful for small medium enterprises!

Evaluation is very important to Designodom community. It helps both platform and professionals improve their services and offers clients safety that the professional of their choice will deliver what is promised. Evaluate Designodom here.


Query: What kind of wall light should I use in a stairwell?


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