We are happy to be growing steadily into the first and biggest cross-European design platform. The project has evolved so far based on bootstrapping technique, testing on small markets before going big, minimizing trial and error effects. Adaptability led to multiple micro (and macro!) decisions and 3 versions in 2 languages. We are so thrilled to announce that in a few days we will be ready to launch groundbreaking “Designodom Version 4″”! Take a glimpse of what you can expect to see :

Construction site

We wanted an architect’s input before buying a house for our family. It was being build at the time, so we discussed options for some minor inner changes which we needed and decided on furniture and color palette.


Sharp reflexes and a fairly succesful match with designers regarding my project! Moreover they stay alongside you until your serach comes to an end! Strongly recommeneded!

TM_02_2 (1)

We asked for an architect to design for us the interior of our living and dining rooms and help us furnish it. We valued the keen communication, the options we were provided, time and budget management. Most of all, surely, the result, which makes our day, everyday!


This is an analysis of Designodom ‘s 1st trimester, in quantity and quality terms, with some fun or awkward trivia as bonus.


Great tips, if Designodom turns into a comparison platform it would be awesome!


Mr Yiannis Belegrinis of itspossible.gr asks Designodom about how one can find the architect or interior designer she/he prefers (text in Greek):

“You fill in a form with what you are looking for and receive the three professionals that bets fit your project description. You compare them, choose and transform your space! “


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