Designwatch: Amazing Interiors Season 1

We watched Amazing Interiors (Netflix) focusing on houses that although they seem quite boring from the outside, they bear truly extraordinary interiors. Here is what you need to know:

What it is about: Documentary – mini series. In every episode 3 houses are shown. One of them is under construction and the other two are finished. There is no presenter.

We enjoyed: Although entitled “Amazing Interiors” we liked very few of the cases depicted. It is clear that behind every house there is an owner with real passion and focus, but most homes turn out kitsch, over theatrical and narcicistic for a broader audience. The best cases are the ones that are built around a non-thematic concept (i.e. curcus or skate arena) but instead a strong construction decision (i.e. house out of shipping containers).

Interesting Trivia: You name it, we have it! There is a circus house, a skate-park house, a car museum house, a house made out of containers, a house in a former church, another one inside a huge industrial dome etc.

Photo Credits Architect’s House S01307, AmazingInteriors, Netflix


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