Designwatch: Interior Design Masters Season 1

We watched Interior Design Masters on Netflix. This is what you need to know:

What is it about: Reality series with 10 interior designers facing 1 new design challege per episode. Usually they have 2 days timeline and 3.000 GBP to spend.

We enjoyed: We get to know what an interior designer professional brings to the table, familiarise with color palettes, textures, eye opening practical tips. We love examples of what is achievable with a few money, lots of imagination and working with a design professional.

Interesting trivia: The main judge is assisted by a successful design professional. Ex fashion designer Matthew Williamson was the most widely known. Retail expert Mary Portas however provided an interesting trivia in episode 3: ΄ “Everyone is talking about “narrative”, creating a history around a brand, a shop or a product. I don’t see it that way. I believe it’s not about story, it’s about feeling. It is important to generate feelings towards to actual store, to create an emotional bond with the people that work there, to feel things when entering through the door. Otherwise why not shop online?” ΄

Photo credits: Wool handcraft shop, S01E03, Interior Design Masters, Netflix


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