Granny Flat Reno

What could a design project in Designodom be? Whatever you would ask anyway from an architect or interior designer.

Example: I want to renovate an old flat my granny used to live in. It is on the second floor of an old block of flats, about 70 square meters in size. I am not sure if I want to do it all at once or one room at a time. I want to live in a space that has unique personality. It should also have new floor, doors, windows and closets. The existing closets are “too minimal”.

We need for storage space in the kitchen, better layouta nd a nice breakfast area to enjoy my meals or use it as an extra prep space.

I would also like to explore heating alternative because the existing open layout makes it quite challenging. Bathroom is cold too and I do not like this.

Stylewise, I have bought some pieces of furniture. I like minimal design, black and white and would like to see grey or blue. I like smart multi-use furniture. I would like my flat to embody harmony, balance and positive attitude!

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