Kid’s room

Query: What color should we paint the walls in my son’s bedroom? I hereby attach a picture with the furniture we ordered (white-grey) and the carpet (blue-grey-white). Thanks a lot.

The concept is to work with the palette already provided: white, grey, blue. We opt for a sweet light grey as the main hue, since it is calm and helps the kid relax and focus on what he loves.

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Small focal points that bring out caracter might be blue decorative details, that could easily be changed if you get bored with them.

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Alternatively to a homogenous grey, we would paint a small wall a bold color (accent wall): dark grey or blue would both work well in the boy’s room. Another option might be a geometric pattern in grey color scheme.

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Important detail: If you are afraid of a certian color, do not rush to eliminate it from your options. Buy one liter and paint yourself a couple of areas on the wall. leave it for a day and see how it is during day time or night time. Then decide the final color codes. Color hues vary a lot according to rooms direct and indirect lighting, orientation and color of the objects around them.

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From our experience we siggest for the light grey : Vivechrom: D501G or Κ101D. Other option would be Vitex: 920-30YR or 965-30R (superb grey hue, looks good with both white and dark furniture around it) Dark grey: Vitex:950-70RB

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Blue hue Vivechrom: Q232Ν. We have drid it in a narrow wall behind of white boy’s desk and library. The wall get direct light only a couple of hours a day. The result is a unique room for a very special boy.


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