Balad Wireless lamp – / H 13.5 cm – Set of 3 lamps by Fermob Brown

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Balad Wireless lamp – / H 13.5 cm – Set of 3 lamps by Fermob Brown

Fermob Wireless lamp Brown Metal. Dimensions: Ø 10 x H 13.5 cm – USB-C cable: L 200 cm. The Balad family is expanding with a new mini-size (H 12 cm) sold in sets of three! Joyful and colourful, these cordless lamps designed by Tristan Lohner impress with their modern look as well as their low price. Suitable for outdoor use, they are real go-anywhere items that can move around according to your needs, from home to garden, from beach to campsite. Small mood lamps in your living room or entrance, they are ideal as a night light in a child’s room (do not heat up). In your garden or on your terrace, they are perfect to create a wonderful ambient light during your meals and evenings outdoors. Equipped with a metal handle, they are easy to carry or hang (on a hook, a tree branch etc.). These wireless lamps can be charged via a USB-C cable, to charge all three lamps at once (supplied). They provide up to 14 hours of battery life for 3.30 hours of charging. The pressure button located on the handle not only lets you choose the intensity of the light, but also its temperature (warm light, candle-like, or cold). These three temperatures create three different lighting moods: ”neutral white” light (yellow shade) is very warm, ”cold white” (blue shade) shows up the surrounding colours more accurately, while flickering lighting reproduces the ambiance of a candle. 3 lighting options by pressing the button: -1 press = 100% cold white light – 2 presses: 100% warm white light – 3 presses: flickering white candle-like light – 4 clicks = OFF – Long click = OFF




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