Bonbon Large Lampshade – / Ø 50 cm – Hand-woven wool by Hay Grey

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Bonbon Large Lampshade – / Ø 50 cm – Hand-woven wool by Hay Grey

Hay Lampshade Grey Metal. Dimensions: Ø 50 x H 46 cm. Slow design… The designer of Serbian origin Ana KRAŠ can turn her hand to everything: painting, furniture, objects, photographs. Her world is full of elegance and sobriety. It was in her New York workshop that Bonbon lampshades were born. On a fine metallic structure, she winds up metres of coloured woollen threads which give life to these soft geometric lanterns. These handcrafted creations perfectly illustrate the unique style of Ana Kraš. Inspired by her designs, Ana Kraš’s Bonbon lamps are woven by hand using an original weaving technique to create textured, unique pieces. Each lampshade is a unique piece whose appearance and texture may vary slightly. Favouring traditional techniques and materials, Ana affirms her interest in the extreme simplicity of design. Bonbon lamps embody a chic, cool world creating a soft, calm atmosphere in your home. Ana KRAŠ’s work has gained international recognition, both for her creations in industrial design and furniture – featured in publications such as Ambient, Architectural Digest, Dazed D, Elle Deco, New York Times Style and Nothing Major – or her plastic works presented in Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York and Paris. Nominated by Ed. Highly varied, Ana Kraš was recently selected for the New York Manufacturer’s Biennial at the Manhattan Museum of Art and Design. Ana KRAŠ’s Bonbon lamps proved very successful and decorate the trendiest places around the world. PLEASE NOTE. Lampshade sold separately, without electrical system.




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