Brass 95 Pendant – / L 80 cm by Gervasoni Metal

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Brass 95 Pendant – / L 80 cm by Gervasoni Metal

Gervasoni Pendant Metal Metal. Dimensions: L 80 x W 70 cm x H 18 cm – Cable: L 200 cm max. With the Brass pendant, the famous Italian designer, Paola Navone, is reinterpreting the tradition of hammered metal. With its oblong, organic and undulating form, the large metal dome evokes a shell or the beating of a manta ray’s wings. The result of superb attention to the material, Brass is made from a fine metal sheet, hammered by hand in Italy, each piece is unique. The raw appearance of hammered metal is deliberately preserved. The irregular and imperfect surface is marked by random traces from the tools which shaped it. This meticulous work brings to life a beautiful irregular texture that plays with reflections and light. The light is reflected inside of the dome. The light is vibrant, vivid, warm and soothing. The Brass pendant is spectacular whether on or off. At once sophisticated and diverse, this light lets you create an ethnic and chic décor. An artisanal creation of an imperfect beauty that is in stark contrast with the perfect precision of today’s industrial products. With its XXL size, it majestically decorates the space. A seasoned traveller, Paola Navone discovers new things every time during her travels. The shapes and materials of traditional objects are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her. The designer Paola Navone: “I have nomadic blood running through my veins. Travelling is my second nature. With the curiosity of an anthropologist, I explore everyday objects from different cultures and traditions. Distance is never an obstacle.‘’




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