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Bubbles & Bottles XXL Carafe – / Glass – Set of 4 / H 87 cm by Pols Potten Multicoloured

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Bubbles & Bottles XXL Carafe – / Glass – Set of 4 / H 87 cm by Pols Potten Multicoloured

Pols Potten Carafe Multicoloured Glass. Dimensions: 2 bottles: Ø 17.5 x H 87 cm + 2 bottles Ø 24.5 x H 60.5 cm – Stoppers: Ø 12 x H 17 cm. The Bubbles & Bottles collection is inspired by the beautiful glass bottles from Murano of the 60s, with their bright colours and big round stoppers! Each bottle comes in a different colour, cheerful and highly invigorating. Identical in shape, the stoppers can be switched round as you wish to create your own colour assemblies. Highly decorative, these XXL bottles dress a shelf, console or sideboard with their singular presence. They make magnificent decanters for exceptional tables!


Pols Potten


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