Canopie Zoé Vase – / with lid by Seletti White/Blue

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Canopie Zoé Vase – / with lid by Seletti White/Blue

Seletti Vase White/Blue Ceramic. Dimensions: Ø 17.5 x H 25.5 cm (without the head) / 36.5 cm (with the head). A vase with such delicate features that you would think that it is a doll… Canopie is a collection of china vases created by the designer, Elena Cutolo. It is made up of five vases, each representing a young girl with a different origin: Pepa from America, Lula from Oceania, Rosio from Africa, Izumi from Asia and Zoe from Europe. To tell them apart, these vases sport different colours and patterns, faces with distinct expressions, as well as a different hairstyle. Each has its own personality! Zoe is the little girl who embodies Europe. Dressed in pretty blue patterns against a white background, your flowers will be wonderfully highlighted in this vase with a modern look. When your flowers wilt or you want to turn Zoe into a decoration, you just need to put the lid with her face drawn on back on. With her generous size (Ø 17.5 x H 36.5 with the head), she can also serve as storage and contain various items in her stomach. Her bold and passionate air make us smile and immerse us in a warm ambiance straight away. When she designed the Canopie vases, Elena Cutolo imagined an encounter between five friends who wanted to share a friendly moment together in diverse cultural contexts. In this world that has become completely virtual, where touch screens are king, these young girls therefore prefer to share their different values, habits and customs. Also they each bring gifts from their continent so the others can discover them…




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