Carpa Small Pendant – / Ø 34 cm – Cotton yarns by Forestier Black

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Carpa Small Pendant – / Ø 34 cm – Cotton yarns by Forestier Black

Forestier Pendant Black Textile. Dimensions: Ø 34 x H 30 cm. Graphical interlacing… The use of textile yarn is at the heart of the work of the German designer, Jette Scheib. The yarn is not insignificant as it showcases an ancient craft process: from the fibre to the yarn, and from braiding to weaving, tools, expertise, shapes, architecture, cultures and networks are born. Between tension and lightness, the Carpa pendant is made of cotton yarn stretched over a fine metal frame. The placement of the yarns creates an empty and immaterial volume and contemporary and highly graphical patterns. The reflector located under the bulb allows for indirect, pleasant lighting with no glare. Carpa uses a minimum amount of material for an exceptional effect! The openwork structure plays with transparency and light like vegetation would do in nature. The perforated material gives rise to wonderful geometric shadows on the wall and the ceiling. It was by observing parasols made with bamboo branches, during a trip to Colombia, that the designer, Jette Scheib discovered the inspiration to create the Carpa collection. She wanted to reproduce the effect of the light filtered through multiple branches. Jette Scheib wanted to reproduce this subtle light effect, synonymous with summer, travel, sun, joy and exoticism on the walls of the house in all seasons. Everything which surrounds Jette Scheib inspires her in her creations: nature’s forms, the organic and people. An observer, she sculpts items and individuals, as well as the interaction which is formed between them. Then, intuition and desire take over to create practical items which have a real personality and which are able to create wellness around them.




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