Componibili Bio Storage – / 3 drawers – Natural, biodegradable material by Kartell Yellow

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Componibili Bio Storage – / 3 drawers – Natural, biodegradable material by Kartell Yellow

Kartell Storage Yellow Plastic material. Dimensions: Ø 32 x H 58.5 cm. “Kartell loves the planet … A true pioneer, Kartell is holding a green revolution by introducing the first piece of furniture made with Bio-On bioplastics: a material that’s 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. This bioplastic is derived from renewable raw materials (plant waste) which, with the addition of micro-organisms, form a material similar to plastic. This bioplastic guarantees the same thermomechanical properties as traditional plastics with, in addition, the advantage of being completely ecological and entirely (100%) biodegradable in a natural way. It took many years of research to develop this highly technological bioplastic using new ecological chemistry. Kartell embodies Italian excellence around the world. Experimenting with new technologies, which includes innovation in the use of plastics, has always been the linchpin for the innovation of its own products. Claudio Luti, president of Kartel, explains: “Bioplastics research is joining our innovation pathway and is part of the “Kartell loves the planet” project aimed at improving good practices in sustainable development. I’m already looking forward to exploring the future and discovering not only new technologies, but quite different from the products we have made so far.” Kartell chose to use this bioplastic for the first time by reinterpreting an icon from its catalogue: the Componibili. In 1968, designer Anna Castelli Ferreri, wife of Kartell’s founder, created the famous Componibili. The Componibili has been produced for over half a century and has become a real design classic over the passing decades. It has won many prizes and been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Compact and versatile, Componibili easily fits into all rooms in the house, on the floor or placed on another piece of furniture. It fulfils several functions: bedside table in the bedroom, end table in the living room, small storage module in the bathroom or kitchen, stool if necessary. It can even be used outdoors. “




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