Cujo the Cat Wireless lamp – / L 70 x H 32.5 cm by Seletti Black

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Cujo the Cat Wireless lamp – / L 70 x H 32.5 cm by Seletti Black

Seletti Wireless lamp Black Plastic material. Dimensions: L 70 x W 20 cm x H 32.5 cm. Studio Job brings together two free spirits, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, renowned for their rebellious, nonconformist way of creating a unique world. The duo of Belgian designers have created Cujo the Cat for Seletti: a crazy, disturbing and ultra-fun wireless lamp. Beware – naughty cat! This troublingly realistic life-sized cat is made from resin. Attack position, fur on end, open mouth, all claws out: Cujo’s ready to pounce! Its two yellow eyes that shine in the night mean it never misses its prey. Cujo perfectly imitates the menacing feline down to the smallest detail. This “nightmare on paws” is a playful wink to Cujo, the monstrous dog in Stephen King’s novel. Very chic, the cat’s private parts are painted in gold and serve as a touch dimmer! Under the erect tail, a USB port lets you recharge the lamp. After 3 hours’ charging, you have 30 hours of light (charger and cable included). The built-in LED light sources are located in Cujo the Cat’s eyes. This highly decorative lamp provides soft ambient light. This sculptural object, at the boundary between art and design, creates an offbeat, dreamlike, fantastical world.




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