Gabi Stacking chair – / Stained beechwood by Objekto Walnut

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Gabi Stacking chair – / Stained beechwood by Objekto Walnut

Objekto Stacking chair Walnut Wood. Dimensions: L 46 x Depth 53 cm x H 84 cm – Seat: H 46 cm. Renaud Bonzon, originally from France and a naturalised Brazilian, designs and makes his creations in his own carpentry workshop. His work is largely based on woodwork and in particular on the technique of glue-laminated timber. Enthused by the success achieved in 1988 by his Gaivota rocking chair (recognised with the award from the Museu da Casa Brasileira and the Movesp award), Renaud Bonzon took up the challenge of all furniture designers: creating a chair that was beautiful, high-quality and accessible at the same time. The glue-laminated timber technique that he explored at the time fascinated him as it allowed him to use a minimum amount of material while creating comfortable curves. Therefore with this technique he decided to create his first chair. Ecological, the glue-laminated timber technique is able to recycle wooden shavings. In addition to contributing to protecting the environment, this process is able to make the wooden malleable and create wide curves while introducing movement into the very structure of the furniture. One of the main features of this chair is that it is only made of two elements: a side and crossbeam. Unlike lots of chairs, it is the crossbeams themselves which make up the seat and the backrest which give structure to the piece. Another remarkable trait which gives it a great deal of elegance and character is the triangle formed by the joining of the three laminated timber beams which make up the side of the chair. A beam for the front leg and the backrest which form a slight curve, another for the backrest, the rear and the front leg which form an “S” and finally one last one for the front leg, the seat and the rear leg which form a “U”. Another original detail of this composition, it also provides flexibility to the chair. Although it is not recommended, it is hard to resist the desire to swing on the rear legs. In this case, a significant tension is created on the rear leg / front leg / backrest which is absorbed by this triangle which will deform slightly without necessarily losing its resistance.




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