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Itsumo Kitchen cupboard – / 24 items – 6 people by A di Alessi Grey/Silver/Metal

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Itsumo Kitchen cupboard – / 24 items – 6 people by A di Alessi Grey/Silver/Metal

A di Alessi Kitchen cupboard Grey/Silver/Metal Metal. Dimensions: Soup spoon L 19.5 cm – Fork L 19.8 cm – Table knife L 20.6 cm – Tea spoon L 12 cm. A subtle design for this quality cutlery set, made to last, designed by one of the greatest names in contemporary design … ITSUMO, which means ”daily” or ”always” in Japanese, is a new cutlery service created by famous designer Naoto Fukasawa for Alessi. The designer’s love for simple, beautiful things, for everything that is universal and that emanates from our daily lives, is evident in this project dedicated to all those who want to be happy, day after day, without artifice. When the shape of the pieces is too smooth and regular, cutlery can prove difficult to handle, because it lacks a gripping point. In this case, simply positioning a thin, obtuse edge at a point in the object can be sufficient to create a tactile marker. The feature of this family of cutlery is its shape, which seems soft and regular at first sight, but which, when you look closer, reveals the presence of discrete edges. The addition of these details creates a relief to the touch, which allows users to feel the edges of the object when holding it in their hand, when they place it on their tongue or just when bringing it to their lips. Its name, “Itsumo”, is a Japanese term that refers to always having an object on oneself.


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