Madame la Cigogne Tray – / Wall picture – L 34 x H 45 cm by Ibride Multicoloured

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Madame la Cigogne Tray – / Wall picture – L 34 x H 45 cm by Ibride Multicoloured

Ibride Tray Multicoloured Composite material. Dimensions: L 34 x H 45 cm. The ibride design house, commissioned by the famous Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, took inspiration from its collection of works from the 16th century to create this masterpiece! This collection of trays revisits in an offbeat and humorous way the portraits of our ancestors, painted in the great classical tradition. Ibride offers a new portrait gallery on the theme of La Fontaine’s Fables. They have been rooted for such a long time in our memory. The cruelty of the wolf faced with the innocence of the lamb, the cunning of the fox who fools the raven by flattery, the monkey and the cat who appear united in their misdeeds and reveal themselves as real false friends… These new portraits are inspired by the court of the Palace of Versailles, where, in the shadow of the king an elegant and sophisticated fauna move: characters with limitless ambitions… Six tray-paintings which, via their humanity, reveal our own paradoxes. The cunning of the fox is legendary, yet this popular fable consists of two parts: in the first, the stork falls unsurprisingly into the trap of the wily one, but in the second part, the fox itself falls into its own trap, this time outwitted by a stork more ingenious than expected. Choosing this well-known story allows a dialogue between two characters with very different morphology and yet the same malice in the corner of their eye, like a call to collusion. These trays can be used for serving or displayed on the wall as paintings. Designer Rachel Convers explains: “These animals don’t say ‘look at me’, but rather ‘look at you’.




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