Mini Stacked 2.0 Shelf – / Large rectangulaire 49×24 cm / Avec fond by Muuto Natural wood

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Mini Stacked 2.0 Shelf – / Large rectangulaire 49×24 cm / Avec fond by Muuto Natural wood

Muuto Shelf Natural wood Wood. Dimensions: L 49.8 cm × W 24.9 cm – Depth 26 cm. Following the success of the Mini Stacked shelf system, here is Mini Stacked 2.0: these new modules are an improved version with better quality finish, enabling you to design small made-to-measure units that are perfect in the kitchen, office or a child’s bedroom! Thanks to the three sizes (S, M and L) of the Mini Stacked 2.0 modules and the two options (with or without back), you’re free to create new shapes. The different finishes (natural oak, grey, white and light grey) even enable you to invent multicoloured compositions. Combining the modules could not be simpler, simply use the clip provided with each module. No need for either screws or glue! You can then attach your composition to the wall (mounting system provided) or simply position it on the ground or on a work top. Anything is possible with the Mini Stacked 2.0! Mini Stacked is a modular system: you can use just a single module or assemble lots of them to create a small bookcase, an attractive cabinet for all your favourite knickknacks or a storage area for the bathroom or kitchen. You can stack the modules horizontally or vertically to create a magnificent, customised storage space! A multitude of combinations are available for you to use. A versatility limited only by your imagination! Each MINI Stacked 2.0 module comes with a metal assembly clip which you can use to attach two modules together. You can also buy a set of MINI Stacked 2.0 metal assembly clips separately (available in a range of colours) to assemble as many MINI Stacked modules as you want. See set of 5 MINI Stacked 2.0 assembly clips. PLEASE NOTE. We do not recommend combining Mini Stacked and Mini Stacked 2.0 collections




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