Moka Italian espresso maker – /9 cups – Induction by Alessi Metal

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Moka Italian espresso maker – /9 cups – Induction by Alessi Metal

Alessi Italian espresso maker Metal Metal. Dimensions: Capacity: 45 cl – Ø 12 x H 20.5 cm (width with handle: 20.5 cm). Renaissance of a popular icon … In the “designers’ coffee makers” collection, Alessi couldn’t resist including the interpretation by British architect David Chipperfield. The Moka coffee maker pays tribute to Alfonso Bialetti, who in 1931 invented the famous Italian espresso machine, the Moka Express. With its octagonal shape inspired by Futurism and Art Deco, Moka has established itself as an archetype in its category. It’s one of the first outstanding examples of Italian design. In fact, the Moka has left a lasting impression on the minds of Italians and others, and its iconic status persists to this day. Architect-designer David Chipperfield set out to reflect on the evolution of the Moka archetype, with greater use of contemporary design vocabulary. Chipperfield has captured the essence of a popular icon and focused on the details. With its reassuring gurgling which announces every morning that the coffee is brewing, the Italian coffee maker has created a place in our imagination. David Chipperfield explains his work: “The Moka coffee maker has established itself as a generic typology, just like a bottle opener, a pair of glasses or scissors, or any other everyday item whose identity is both known and undetermined. It has managed to find its place, not just in our kitchens, but in the rituals of our daily life. Its unique identity and the feeling of familiarity it evokes in us are not only the product of its likable silhouette, but also the soft materiality that comes from its cast aluminium body, the inimitable creaking it emits when screwed or unscrewed. It is truly amazing to see how this small object, as complex and effective as it is, has become so democratic that it requires no invitation or instructions to burst into our daily lives. So why try to reinterpret it, in that case? Maybe just to reinforce what it already was.” All heat sources including induction. Equipped with a double-funnel filter: a first filter to make a classic espresso, a second designed to work with a paper coffee filter, to make a delicious American coffee.




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