Paon LED Wall light – / Wall connection by Compagnie Black

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Paon LED Wall light – / Wall connection by Compagnie Black

Compagnie Wall light Black Metal. Dimensions: L 13.8 cm x H 35.6 cm x thickness 4.7/8 cm – Shadows on the wall (when light on): W 74 cm. When light meets art … An out-of-the-ordinary luminous effect for this wall light that highlights your wall space using beautiful shadow projections. Israeli-born designer Chen Bikovski has always been fascinated by pop-up books that come to life as you turn the pages. To recreate this immersive experience, she created a series of wall lights that turn into magical creatures when the light comes on … These aluminium lamps are hand-made in Tel Aviv, Israel. The metal sheet is folded like a piece of origami. The metal is skilfully perforated: the multiple openings filter the light, creating a fascinating shadow play on the wall. The Paon wall light applies a decorative lighting vector of emotions. Once lit, the fragmented light comes out from all sides. The beams of light draw highly graphic geometric patterns on the wall in the shape of peacock feathers … Chen Bikovski explains: The idea was to create a light fixture that would bring a magical atmosphere to any room. A multidimensional light that would inspire the senses and the imagination.




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