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Primasedia Stacking chair – / Steel by Opinion Ciatti White

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Primasedia Stacking chair – / Steel by Opinion Ciatti White

Opinion Ciatti Stacking chair White Metal. Dimensions: L 48.5 x Depth 51 cm x H 84.5 cm – Seat: H 48.5 cm. As the name suggests, Primasedia (= first chair) could be the archetype of the first seat designed in human history! Created by Italian designer Marcantonio, this chair has slender legs with irregular organic lines, like delicate tree branches. But don’t be fooled by this apparent fragility; the robust steel from which the Primasedia chair is made, makes it perfectly stable, solid and durable. The irregular, imperfect lines of the base have a primitive style that links past and present. The slightly curved, soft lines break with our very strict, linear everyday environments. This creation releases a positive energy mixed with the sensuality of biomorphic forms. As modelled by the hand of man, the strange organic forms of the base are halfway between the plant, animal and human world. Primasedia intrigues and surprises: this piece of furniture touches our sensual side, retaining a certain truth, a human, imperfect side. Designer Marcantonio on Primasedia: “It’s a project I really like because it combines three aspects that I consider equally important: characterful design, innate elegance, and a touch of irony.” This creation is part of the capsule collection “Atavica” created by Italian designer Marcantonio. This symbolic collection brings together objects with a “primitive” morphology. Here, Marcantonio explores the relationship between Man and his environment, from prehistoric times to the present day. How has the relationship between man and his environment changed over the millennia? What distinguishes the interaction between today’s man and the space in which he moves, from that which was created between the first inhabitants of the planet and the nature that surrounded them? The Atavicase collection includes the Cielo and Terra rugs, Primasedia chair, Selce mirror and Ramo coat stand. All these objects share a powerful objective: to be the 2.0 expression of ancient materials and symbols. > Flash sale: special price for a limited time only.


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