Revolt Chair – / 1950s reissue by Hay Beige

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Revolt Chair – / 1950s reissue by Hay Beige

Hay Chair Beige Plastic material. Dimensions: L 45.5 x Depth 49.5 cm x H 81 cm. The Result chair is an icon of vintage and industrial design. It was designed in the 1950s by the famous designer Friso Kramer, considered the Netherlands’ Jean Prouvé. A true classic of mid-century Dutch design, the Revolt chair is undoubtedly Friso Kramer’s best-known work. Inspired by Eames, this chair was originally made from steel and plywood. Its design was revolutionary for the time: Kramer used a bent sheet steel frame instead of a traditional tubular frame. These new U profiles are more resistant to pressure and reduce material consumption, resulting in a lighter, less expensive chair. This chair was also ahead of the principles of ergonomics. Revolt was the first true mass-produced industrial product in the Netherlands: truly revolutionary, it fully deserves its name! This lightweight, affordable chair found its way into post-war schools, offices, libraries and homes around the world. Production of Revolt was interrupted for decades and was then relaunched in 2004 by Ahrend, the historic Dutch manufacturer of office furniture. This new version is the result of the collaboration between Ahrend and Hay. True to the original design, it stands out for its use of a sustainable material: the seat and backrest are made of recycled ABS, available in a wide range of colours. The frame is made of pressed, moulded sheet steel. The Revolt chair offers first-class comfort thanks to its ergonomic backrest that tilts and moves with you, for optimal posture. Revolt remains fully in line with the design philosophy of Friso Kramer: a perfectly usable, functional chair with no frills. A pragmatic chair. A chair for everyone.




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