Sacco Tulip Pouf – / Original model from 1968 – L 80 x H 68 cm by Zanotta Red

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Sacco Tulip Pouf – / Original model from 1968 – L 80 x H 68 cm by Zanotta Red

Zanotta Pouf Red Textile. Dimensions: H 68 x W 80 cm x Depth 80 cm. A design legend! Featuring in the collections of the most prestigious museums, the iconic Sacco pouffe is surely the most famous pouffe in the world. Cheerful and modern, this Tulip version is dressed in superb colourful geometric patterns. The 100% cotton covering, thick and of high quality, is removable. Created in 1968 by Italian designers Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro, Zanotta’s Sacco is still just as popular. The famous “pear” pouffe that we’ve been fighting over for more than 40 years has been copied many times but never equalled! The original Sacco is one of the cult objects of Italian design, referenced in museums around the world. The Sacco pouffe expresses the non-conformism of the 60s and the search for new comfort with furniture at ground level. Italian designers wanted to break the straight, pure lines of contemporary furniture of the time. Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro were inspired by the bags used by peasants in Italy to bring chestnut leaves home and stuff their mattresses. The leaves, which were really uncomfortable, were quickly dismissed. Water and sand, too, which were too rigid and too heavy. They also thought of polyurethane foam, buckshot and even mini-ping pong balls! Finally, the three designers discovered polystyrene beads: light, highly malleable, inexpensive. The sacco anatomical pouffe was born! Revolutionary for the time, this seat filled with expanded polystyrene beads no longer has a rigid structure and so adapts to any user. The seat is kept upright thanks to its backrest which automatically takes shape when you sit on it. The chair no longer dictates a position but adapts to the movements of the body whose shapes it follows. It lets you sit and move around freely. > Flash sale: special price for a limited time only.




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