The Party Bert Wall light – / LED – Ceramic by Moooi White

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The Party Bert Wall light – / LED – Ceramic by Moooi White

Moooi Wall light White Ceramic. Dimensions: L 16 x Depth 11 x H 22 cm. Moooi presents The Party collection, created by the designer duo of Kranen/Gille. This is a family of LED wall lights inspired by a clan of powerful and captivating personalities … Their cast ceramic faces reveal our fascination for secrets, family dynamics and intrigue. When seen together, at a wonderful party, they brighten up the scene with their cool attitude. Yet behind the facade, a mischievous side percolates through and touches our imagination. The characters who join the party each have a fascinating story that connects them: first there’s the one who wants to be an aristocrat, then the black sheep, then the opportunist, the patriot and finally the evil mastermind… Fragments of their personalities appeal to part of our character that we prefer to hide, stimulating recognition, interest and curiosity! These lamps display an obvious resemblance at first and share the same feel to the touch, which results in a subtle roughness provided by the granular ceramic finish. They nevertheless stand apart due to a style and details that are unique to them. Once combined all together, they add a very decorative playful note to your interior! Presentation of The Party family members: The Mayor: This is the first member of The Party. The Mayor thinks only of himself and literally views the world through his monocle. The Mayor is a character with a deeply fascinating and controversial personality. Bert: A dark member of The Party … Bert is brilliant, full of potential but inevitably blinded and embittered by pure jealousy. This character is intriguing, with a face that hides his real feelings behind a grudge that will eat away at him all his life. Coco: The only woman in The Party! Coco is a self-taught woman with a quick wit who soon learned to take care of herself in life. Coco is the archetypal woman, mother and lover who is ready to do anything to change her destiny. Glenn: The patriotic heart of The Party. Glenn is marked by his turbulent youth, seeking clarity through ideology and order. This man has a mission, searching for light over an ocean of darkness. Ted: This is the evil mastermind of The Party! This ferocity is in fact the result of a difficult youth. Ted is tempted to follow the wrong path impulsively, throwing himself in head first. He is the most exposed character, with a face with nothing to hide.




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