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Totem Compact 40L Waste bin – / 2 20L bins + 1 3L organic waste bin by Joseph Joseph Stone

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Totem Compact 40L Waste bin – / 2 20L bins + 1 3L organic waste bin by Joseph Joseph Stone

Joseph Joseph Waste bin Stone Metal. Dimensions: L 30 x Depth 36.6 cm x H 76 cm. Recycling has never been easier thanks to this ultra-robust sorting bin with its 10-year guarantee! It consists of two large sorting bins (20L) and a small bin with lid for organic waste (3L) located inside the upper bin. Thanks to its multiple compartments, the Totem bin lets you sort everything in one and the same space. The bins are stacked: this vertical arrangement saves space for easier filling and emptying. Each of the two compartments has a removable plastic bin that can be covered with a standard-size bag or two smaller bags for more specific recycling.Built-in bag hooks have been provided for this purpose. The ventilation holes on the sides of the bins allow easier removal of the bags. Practical and easy to empty, the small removable kitchen bin (for organic waste) hangs from the wall of the upper bin. It has a lid that can be attached to the side with each use. This bin for food waste can be placed in the compartment provided or on the work surface: a practical way to carefully empty the plates that have just been cleared away. The effective ventilation system lets air in, reduces humidity and neutralises odours thanks to its charcoal filter. The ventilated odour filter in the main lid reduces the accumulation of moisture and odours coming from the waste. Elegant, compact and robust, the Totem bin is available in two sizes: Totem Max (60 litres) and Totem Compact (40 litres). Compostable rubbish bags for the food waste bin, bags adapted to the dimensions of the main compartments, along with spare odour filters are available separately. Choose the right bin bag for the size of the bins: Totem Max (60 l) – IW2 and IW6, Totem Compact (40 l) – IW2 and IW7. The stainless-steel versions have an anti-fingerprint coating. The powder-coated steel versions are easy to clean.


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