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Unseen LED Table lamp – / Small – H 22 cm by Petite Friture White

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Unseen LED Table lamp – / Small – H 22 cm by Petite Friture White

Petite Friture Table lamp White Plastic material. Dimensions: L 22 x H 22 cm. “And the light itself becomes a sculpture… They are the Italian creative duo of the moment: Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, founders of Studiopepe. For their first collaboration with the Petite Friture French brand, they imagined a collection of lights with simple geometric forms, imbued with a strong sculptural dimension. Unseen is a system of LED light tubes made from polycarbonate which seem to levitate. This collection consists of technical prowess, driven by a design with great restraint. The light is enhanced here and expressed in all its purity. Reduced to their purest essence, these abstract luminous forms suspended in the air are not lacking in physical, sensual and enigmatic presence. The designer, Lelli Mami & Chiara di Pinto: “”We wanted to preserve the idea of the light’s purity via a modern technical approach. The manufacturing process proved very trying due to the lighting technique. We wanted to preserve the traditional neon look all the while using LED technology. “The Unseen collection is the result of technical prowess in the mastery of LED technology which allows for aesthetics faithful to that of a traditional neon light. The LED strip is inserted into a silicone tube, which in turn is inserted into an opal polycarbonate tube which allows for light to be rendered through 360°. The polycarbonate diffuser tubes are combined with sophisticated brass mounts which provide a classic and sophisticated dimension. Petite Friture is realising a bold dream here and is working with the interplay of pure forms, in which the light becomes the guide and creates an emotion, which resonates with a collection that is both spectacular and sensitive. The graphical lines of this lighting system are available as ceiling lights, wall lights and table lights.”


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