Time to celebrate: Designodom is 9 months old!

We are happy to be growing steadily into the first and biggest cross-European design platform. The project has evolved so far based on bootstrapping technique, testing on small markets before going big, minimizing trial and error effects. Adaptability led to multiple micro (and macro!) decisions and 3 versions in 2 languages. We are so thrilled to announce that in a few days we will be ready to launch groundbreaking “Designodom Version 4″”! Take a glimpse of what you can expect to see :

1. An online search platform for design items is added

2. You can expect to search for your next piece of furniture, decor or lighting, between more than 50 European online furniture and decor retailers, offering thousands of quality products in various prices. The project will kick of with a handful of retailers and the rest will added along the way .

3. Based on your country of living, you will be able to browse between all options available.

4. Yes, shipping fees will be there too, as will free shipping!

5. Major website redesign, adopting English as main language.

6. The innovative client and designer matching process has been improved too!

We are almost there! Keep up the good work everyone! Our team rocks!


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