Tiny kitchen, Vast storage

Query: I rent an old house with a tiny kitchen. I am using all existing cabinets for storage, the remaining walls are tiled and would like advice about potential storage.

Design ideas: The concept is to avoid adding self standing storage units and utilise all empty surfaces, in order to allow room on the ground to move freely.

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  1. An idea would be to put open shelving on the remaining walls. This means that holes would have to be drilled in the tiles, for which you would need the landlord’s consent.
  2. Another idea might be to hand pots and pans from a rack hanging from the ceiling or higher on the walls. This could free storage space from existing cabinets . Apart from hangin racks, hanging light shelving systems could be used like the ones depicted below.
  3. Tailormade furniture are usually the best option for small, narrow, quirky spaces. Why not get one designed especially for your needs and have it built?
  4. Look for storage space adjacent to your kitchen. I.e. a wide hallway right of your kitchen doorway could well host a new storage unit .
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