The ultimate beige flat

Query: Good day. I will have my flat painted (15 year old house, 85sqm). I love light beige but all my furniture are brown and beige. Should the doors stay white? I would like your expert’s opinion .

Αnswer: Earth color palette is a superb choice. It matches the style depicted in the photos, it is tranquil and calm. In order to avoid dullness add a few splashes of contrasts (both mild and strong) .

Work with small areas in tonal variations (beige, light beige, white things in one corner and dark wood in another). The doors should be white, yes. Add “exclamtion marks”: things that clearly stand out within a certain area. For example the wall behind your light colored couch could be painted darker so that the sofa “pops out”. Uning darker colors on a wall, all the light ones appear brighter, the space lighter and the palette more subtle.

Proposed color codes are for example : Vivechrom: BC387 , BC358, or A802G and Vitex: 920-30YR or 920-30YR. before finalising your decision, by 1 litre from each code, paint the surface and see the result throughout the day, in different lighting circumstances.

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